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The Stone Cycle

A young stablehand stumbles upon a seemingly insignificant stone. The world is changed forever…

The Stone of Knowing begins a new saga. It traces a small object of unusual power, its intrusion into the life of an ordinary person, and the impact on the world around.

But the stone isn't just one person's secret. Others lust after its power…

Reading Order

*The Seer is a standalone story that can also be read independently of other books in the series.

**The Rending
is a free novelette in both ebook and audiobook format available to readers who subscribe to my mailing list. It can be read before The Stone of Knowing or The Cost of Knowing, but the recommended reading order is after both novels have been read.

A small stone creates big ripples

The untroubled world of young Thomas Stablehand is changed forever when he stumbles upon an unusual stone. With the thoughts and intents of others laid bare, he eagerly indulges his curiosity. But seeing into other minds isn’t like Thomas expected. And troubles are only beginning.

Invaders attack the kingdom of Arvenon, and dangerous enemies seek the stone. Unable to release its full potential, Thomas has nowhere to turn except to his friend Will Prentis.

Will is fearless, and where he leads men follow. With the kingdom on the brink, Will leads a small band on a perilous quest to thwart the invaders. Fearing exposure, Thomas flees with them.

As Thomas struggles to unravel the enigma of the stone, Will must outwit a relentless adversary whose true purpose remains hidden.

Staying alive is a formidable challenge. Defeating their enemies seems an impossible dream.

The Stone of Knowing is Book 1 of The Stone Cycle, a multi-part saga. The first part of the ongoing tale concludes in Book 2, The Cost of Knowing.

The ripples begin to make waves

Thomas Stablehand’s life is not the only thing spinning out of control since he found the stone. Entire kingdoms are now in turmoil.

Will Prentis, newly appointed as army commander, must outmaneuver a growing array of enemies as he prepares for an unequal showdown with Arvenon's invaders. Thomas, hunted unceasingly, must sacrifice all to safeguard the stone.

The fate of kingdoms soon hinges on them as they confront a ruthless invader hiding a darker purpose.

The odds are hopeless. And for three kingdoms, the stakes are higher than anyone knows.

The Cost of Knowing concludes the saga begun in The Stone of Knowing, book one of The Stone Cycle.

Eyes see no more than a glimpse

Sheylha is a seer—a woman with unique and extraordinary abilities. Powerful men want to control her, to use her to dominate others.

Kalvor is a warrior of unusual tenacity, a hunter who never gives up. Driven by his past, he has become a dangerous enemy.

When Kalvor is sent to find and capture the seer, each of them will be tested in ways they could never have imagined.

In time the outcome will determine the fate of kingdoms.

The Seer is a short prequel to The Stone of Knowing, book one of The Stone Cycle. It is a novelette, so a quick read (5 chapters totalling 13,500 words). The Seer is a standalone story, so can be read independently of other Stone Cycle novels. It was written after The Stone of Knowing and The Cost of Knowing.

The invasion is over, and the survivors of the shattered Rogandan army have straggled home. The people of Arvenon and the surrounding kingdoms are at peace. Or so they believe.

Little do they know that a new stone of power has emerged, controlled by a cruel tyrant bent on destruction. But King Agon of Rogand lusts after much more than conquest. He will settle for nothing less than unending power.

No armies are massing at the border. The kingdoms face a threat from within.

As chaos spreads, Will, Steffan, Essanda, and Arvenon’s other key defenders are each confronted with crisis. If any one of them stumbles, the kingdom will fall.

The Stone of Authority is Book 3 of The Stone Cycle, a multi-part saga.

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