Release Plans

Current Releases

The Stone of Knowing, Book One of The Stone Cycle, released on February 26, 2019
The Cost of Knowing, Book Two of The Stone Cycle, released on March 26, 2019

Planned Releases

The Seer
Readers of The Stone of Knowing have asked how the stone came to be where Thomas found it. It's a great question, and I thought it might be interesting to answer it in the form of a short prequel to The Stone of Knowing.
Titled The Seer, it will be a quick read (roughly 12,000 words, so novelette length). The Seer is intended to be read after The Stone of Knowing and The Cost of Knowing, although it will be a standalone story and as such can be read independently.
Release timeframe: Summer 2019 (northern hemisphere)

Book Three of The Stone Cycle
I'm hard at work on it right now! I don't pour the words onto the page as quickly as my daughters (we sometimes do writing sprints together, which is fun!), and life is always unpredictable. But I'm optimistic that I'll be able to finish the book in time for a release this year. The release process takes time (it includes beta reader feedback plus developmental edit, copy edit, and final proofread), but quality matters to me!
Release timeframe: late 2019

Book Four of The Stone Cycle
Release timeframe: mid 2020

Books Five and Six of The Stone Cycle
Release timeframe: watch this space…

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