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My name is Allan Packer, and I write epic fantasy.

This website explores my books (available in ebook, print, and audiobook format), release plans, giveaways, and other related information. It also offers background on me.

In particular, I'd like to introduce you to my fantasy series, The Stone Cycle.

New Release Promotion!

The Hope of Vitality eBook
  • The preorder for The Hope of Vitality is currently available on Amazon, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Apple, Kobo, and Google Play at a reduced price of 2.99. When the book is released on Dec 15, the price will revert to 4.99.

The Stone Cycle

The Stone of Knowing begins a new saga—tracing the discovery of a small object of unusual power by an ordinary person, and its growing impact on the surrounding kingdoms.

If you enjoy epic fantasy with gripping action, relatable characters, and clean romance in a sweeping coming of age saga, then try the novels of The Stone Cycle now!

For series details, click here.


Now on pre-order, releasing December 15:
  • The Hope of Vitality (The Stone Cycle Book 6)

TheStoneofKnowing_ebook_Final_Tiny TheCostofKnowing_ebook_Final_Tiny TheStoneofAuthority_ebook_Final_Tiny TheStruggleforAuthority_ebook_Final_Tiny TheStoneofVItality_ebook_Tiny THoV_ebook_Final_tiny


TheSeer_ebook_Final_11-2020_Tiny TheRending_ebook_Final_Tiny

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