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New subscribers will receive a welcome email with a download link for an exclusive bonus novelette—The Rending—a prequel to The Cost of Knowing that provides further background on Anneka and her companions (description below). The Rending is a complete story four chapters (13,000 words) in length, available in both ebook and audiobook format. (A print edition is also available from Amazon and from a wide range of online booksellers worldwide.) Although the novelette is intended to be read after The Cost of Knowing, it does not introduce spoilers for either The Stone of Knowing or The Cost of Knowing, and can be read at any time.

Endings may be beginnings in disguise

Anneka is comfortable and confident, a noblewoman of consequence living a life of privilege. Until the day her world is torn apart.

After losing everything she most cares about, she must abandon her home and her way of life in an attempt to secure the future of those who depend on her.

No one, least of all Anneka, could anticipate a deeper significance to her struggle. Yet her journey will one day influence the fate of kingdoms.

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