The Ruptured Kingdom series

The Ruptured Kingdom traces the journey of Kylen, a street urchin newly awakened to magical abilities, who is rescued by a renegade mage. Hunted and rejected, Kylen struggles to master his abilities and to come to terms with his destiny.
But an ancient evil is emerging, exploiting the folly of mages greedy for power. Only the renegades recognize the magnitude of the peril. Can they save a kingdom intent only on destroying them?

If you enjoy epic fantasy with gripping action and relatable characters in a sweeping coming of age saga, then try the novels of
The Ruptured Kingdom now!

An ebook pre-order is available now for the first novel in the series. A print edition will be available at the release date (February 28, 2024), and an audiobook edition will be released later in 2024.

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The Hard Edge of Magic (The Ruptured Kingdom Book 1)

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Hungry and desperate, Kylen knows what it’s like to be an outcast. Plucked from the streets by a tight-lipped stranger, he begins to dream of a better life. But his rescuer turns out to be a renegade mage. In an instant Kylen finds himself transformed from a person of no account to a dangerous fugitive.

But much more than his life might be at stake. Dark forces are stirring, and an ancient evil is poised, ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting kingdom. Comfortable and arrogant, the kingdom's mages are bent on destroying the one person capable of saving them.

On the run with his mentor, Kylen tries to ignore the voices whispering about his destiny. Of what use is a fabled destiny when you’re struggling to survive?

The Hard Edge of Magic is Book 1 of The Ruptured Kingdom, a multi-part saga.

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